Benefits — Economic Impact

An Economic Boost

The Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline and the Jordan Cove Project’s LNG terminal will provide an economic boost for southern Oregon during construction and after completion of the project. The project offers numerous benefits, including new jobs, new tax revenue, new economic activity and new industry.

New Jobs

The pipeline and LNG terminal will be a major investment in the energy infrastructure of southern Oregon and offers short and long-term economic benefits to the region. At peak construction, Pacific Connector will create approximately 4,000 new jobs and at peak construction, Jordan Cove LNG in Coos Bay will also create approximately 2,000 new jobs. The potential local benefit of the Jordan Cove Project is its opportunity to attract large manufacturing companies and other businesses to locate in southern Oregon, further expanding job creation.

New Tax Revenue

Pacific Connector will generate approximately $5 million per county per year in average property tax revenue during operation for Coos, Douglas, Jackson, and Klamath counties, totaling around $20 million per year of operations.

New Industry

Completion of the pipeline and the LNG terminal would assist Coos Bay and southern Oregon’s ability to attract new industry and boost economic diversity.

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