Grant Program

Grants up to $5,000 each per funding cycle that fit with grant criteria will be awarded based on community need and can be used to provide environmental benefit, economic development and community benefit.

Have a project in mind? Projects funded by the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline Grant Program should provide community benefits, such as:

  • Emergency/first responder support
  • Youth or senior services
  • Educational programs
  • Economic development
  • Enhancement of open spaces and park land for recreational enjoyment
  • Assistance in the enrichment of wildlife habitat
  • Promotion of environmental education
  • Purchases of property for preservation of wetlands and wildlife habitat
  • Purchases of property to access public lands, water resources, scenic and wildlife views, and for enhancement or development of active recreational areas

Grant Program Guidelines

  • Applications are only accepted online
  • Applications must be received by May 1 and Nov. 1 of each year
  • Grants will be awarded at the completion of the review process
  • Priority will be given to community projects located within the vicinity of the Pacific Connector project
  • Project must be started within 12 months of receiving funding
  • Grant recipients will be selected based on community benefits
  • Projects with a matching element will be given priority
  • Projects must have a proven capability of completion/success
  • Applicants may request up to $5,000 per funding cycle
  • Grants cannot be awarded to labor, fraternal or political causes; additionally, grants cannot be awarded to churches or religious organizations that require service recipients to participate in religious activities and/or receive religious instruction or paraphernalia in order to receive service

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